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Zainab Salbi: Between Two Worlds


Published 2005

Zainab Salbi, writer, activist

Zainab Salbi was 11 when her father was chosen to serve as Saddam Hussein's personal pilot. Her mother eventually sent Zainab to America for an arranged marriage, to spare her from Saddam's growing affection, but the marriage turned out to be another world of tyranny and abuse. Zainab started over. She forged a new identity as a champion of female victims of war, dedicating her life to speaking out on behalf of oppressed women around the world. In this intimate autobiographical portrait, she reveals the tyrant through the eyes of a child, a secretly rebellious teenager, an abused wife, and ultimately a professional woman coming to terms with the horror of her family story.

This event is Cosponsored by Women Waging Peace and the Simmons College Institute for Leadership and Change.

PBS | NPR Forum Network program with Center for New Words

Simmons College

2005 Oct 17

Producer WGBH
Production Company WGBH Forum Network
Audio/Visual sound, color


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